Sacramental Programme


Children have the opportunity to receive two sacraments during their time at St. Luke's Catholic Primary School. The preparation for each sacrament takes place in Year 3 at an after school Sacramental Preparation club and there are also meetings between school, parents and the parish priests. At St. Luke's, we follow ‘The Way the Truth and the Life’ scheme of work which helps the children to prepare to receive the Sacraments. We also have a special book (The 'I Belong' Preparation Scheme), which help us to keep a record of our preparations.


Enrolement Mass

Sacramental preparation begins with the mass of Enrolment. At this mass, children are presented with a medal.  They are requested to wear this medal each time they go to church, whether it be in their home parish of St. Luke’s or elsewhere. This is an outward sign that they are taking the next steps in their faith journey.  During this time of preparation, we ask for the prayers and support of all our parish community.


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Mass of Enrolment


Sacrament of Reconciliation


Jesus Christ, in His abundant love and mercy, established the Sacrament of Reconciliation, so that we can obtain forgiveness for our sins and reconcile with God and the Church. The sacrament “washes us clean”, and renews us in Christ. After a period of preparation, our Year 3 children receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation during spring term, before Easter. During this ceremony, parents and grandparents are also invited to take part in this sacrament. Children are presented with a certificate in celebration of this step in their faith journey. 


The children learn the Act of Contrition:

O my God, because you are so good,
I am very sorry that I have sinned against you,
And by the help of your grace, I will try not to sin again.



Sacrament of Reconciliation 


Sacrament of the Eucharist


Through the Sacrament of the Eucharist, we remember what Jesus did for us in his life, death and resurrection. We remember particularly the Last Supper, that final meal Jesus shared with his disciples. At that meal, Jesus gave us the Eucharist so that we could remember him in a special way. When we receive Communion, we believe that we receive the person of Jesus into our very beings. We become one with him, and we become one with each other. As a community we become 'the body of Christ'.

The Sacrament of the Eucharist is received by Year 3 children in May/June after having received the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The ceremony takes place at St. Luke’s Catholic Church, Frodsham.


Boys wear a white shirt, black or dark grey trousers and a red tie (which can be purchased from school for a small fee) and a red Sash provided by the school. Girls wear a white communion dress. Children receive a certificate and communion pendant to commemorate the day.


Sacramental Preparation Group

Images of those children enrolled on our Sacramental programme are proudly displayed both at school and Church.


Sacramental Preparation Group 

"I am looking forward to taking this step on my faith journey with my friends." - Camila G

"It is important to me to become closer to God and to learn more about Jesus' teachings." - Sophia T

"It is important to me to receive God's forgiveness for my sins and for me to receive his great love and mercy." - Oscar F

"I want to receive the Body of Christ to remember what Jesus sacrificed for me." - Zach D


Prayer Sponsors

Throughout their time of preparation, each child is allocated a prayer sponsor, from the parish community of St. Luke’s.

Following in the footsteps of Jesus, we learn, love and laugh together

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