At St. Luke's Catholic Primary School, we use myHappymind to help create a positive mental wellbeing culture in which children build resilience, self-esteem, and character. myHappymind uses the latest research, science, and technology to help children develop lifelong habits and learn to thrive.

myHappymind is taught across the whole school in weekly sessions, and consists of 5 units:


Meet Your Brain – Learning about how our brains work

Celebrate – Understanding our character strengths and celebrating ourselves

Appreciate – Developing gratitude as a habit

Relate – Building positive relationships

Engage – Engaging with the world


myHappymind is a non-academic intervention that works to help children to better understand how their brain works, the biological parts of this and how characteristics and traits can be promoted through brain training and practice, helping us to be the very best self that we can be. 

Created by Laura, myHappymind works on building habits and is based on a positive growth mindset that is based on neuroscience and solid scientific evidence. As a tool for improving wellbeing, myHappymind is currently positively impacting over 200,000 children building confidence, resilience, perserverance and other positive characteristics within staff and pupils. 

Over the course of the year, our pupils take part in weekly myHappymind sessions within class working to develop some of the positive characteristics above.  

At home, parents and carers can help us in delivering this curriculum too! If you or your child would like to practise some of the techniques learned and further your in-school learning of this curriculum, you are able to download the FREE My Happy Mind app. Whether at home or in school, myHappymind has proven to positively balance and impact those who undertake its techniques and proves to be beneficial for all right through and during adulthood!

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