At St Luke's Catholic Primary School, we are dedicated to enabling our pupils to become competent and successful readers and writers. We recognise that a secure knowledge of reading is fundamental to allow all children to be able to fully access the curriculum and, consequently, succeed in life. We provide all children with depth, breadth and ambition in their learning - ensuring that our curriculum is well sequenced, giving children the opportunity to build on the skills and knowledge gained in previous years.

Reading is a priority at St Luke's and as we are committed to encouraging our pupils to become lifelong readers, reading lies at the heart of our curriculum. We also believe that all pupils should be able to confidently express their thoughts, emotions and ideas clearly and creatively through the written and spoken word. We provide language-rich classroom environments and a curriculum where children are exposed to high quality language in a variety of forms. This allows children to expand their vocabulary in both their writing and their spoken language, in order to be able to understand a wider range of words they come across in their reading. 



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