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We believe that the learning of a language provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience for our children. It helps them to develop communication skills in speaking, listening and writing and in addition, children’s knowledge of how language works will be developed to lay the foundations for further language learning in future.

Learning another language also gives our children a new and broader perspective on the world, encouraging them to understand both their own culture and those of others, and links with the importance we place on global learning in our school. It is intended that when children leave our school, they will have a natural curiosity and confidence to explore other countries, cultures and languages, accepting that, in a multi-lingual society, it is a valuable skill to be able to communicate effectively with others in another language.  They will be enthusiastic and well prepared to continue language learning at secondary school.

In order to deliver a progressive and immersive French curriculum to KS2, we use Kapow Primary. This ensures that children are taught to develop oracy, literacy and intercultural understanding over the course of four years, giving pupils the opportunity to develop the confidence to communicate in French and give them the foundation for language learning that encourages and enables them to apply their skills independently as life-long learners. The progression of skills can be viewed below.


The Kapow Scheme of Work has 6 strands that run throughout it: speaking and pronunciation, listening, reading and writing, grammar, intercultural understanding and language detective skills.

The skills that are taught within each year group are developed to ensure that attainment targets are securely met bythe end of Key Stage 2. Children are given opportunities to communicate in both written and spoken French for practical purposes around familiar subjects and routine, although in Year 3 the focus is on developing oral skills.

Our spiral curriculum, with key skills and vocabulary revisited repeatedly with increasing complexity, allows pupils to revise and build on their previous learning. Lessons incorporate a range of teaching strategies from independent tasks, paired and group work (including role-play, games and detective work). The work focuses on developing an understanding of French grammar rather than remembering vast amounts of French vocabulary. Although lessons are taught weekly, teachers are encouraged to incorporate French into the classroom environment in order to help pupils to retain their learning.


Learning is monitored continuously through both formative and summative assessment. There are opportunities for assessing pupils during each lesson which are recorded in an assessment spreadsheet.


Click on the link below to see our Progression Map

French Progression of Skills

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