Enjoyment For Learning

March 2024

Science Week

Science has been our focus this week.  Along with the homework tasks that the children have been presenting and all the investigations that have been taking place, there has definitely been great enthusiasm and enjoyment for learning.  Thank you to all the parents and Grandparents who joined us in our Science celebration assembly this morning. This extended to learning in the classroom with experiments including making blood and creating water clocks.  

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  science5.jpg     science6.jpg     IMG_2074.jpeg 

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Disability afternoon with Bart Gee

We were very lucky to have a special visitor this afternoon. Bart Gee came to speak to us about how he Breaks Limits and how he manages his life with his lifelong disabilities. He was extremely inspirational and showed us how he has achieved beyond the expectations of doctors to compete in triathlons, play the piano and inspire others!

1234.jpg     GIK0xjlW4AEQbEi.jpg

Cheshire Fire Service visit

Cheshire Fire Service visited Year 5 and 6 to deliver an incredibly important workshop all about fire safety.



Chester Zoo

Year 3 and 4 visited Chester Zoo this week - linking to their science topic for this half term 'Living things and their habitats' in addition to their geography topic 'Why are rainforests important to us?'. They took part in a specialist workshop exploring why the rainforest is so important to both people and wildlife. It also discusses the threats to the rainforest and how every day actions such as recycling and buying sustainable products can help save this habitat.

IMG_2766.jpeg     122.jpg


World Book Day

As well as dressing up as their favourite book character the whole school has had a trip to Frodsham Leisure Centre after being invited to take part in Frodsham Library's World Book Day celebrations.


Snap Trap

Year 6 were invited to watch 'SnapTrap!'. This was a production/ workshop that was delivered by an outside theatre company who have created a drama performance demonstrating the importance of being safe online, using real life stories as a teaching tool. There were lots of important messages shared.



February 2024

To enhance their Art appreciation, we organised a visit to the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool.  The children had the opportunity to view a range of collections including European Renaissance paintings, masterpieces by Rubens, Rembrandt, Turner and Stubbs, Pre-Raphaelite artworks by Rossetti and Millais, Impressionist works by Monet and Degas and contemporary works by Hockney.  Some of the children questioned why there were some modern paintings amongst more traditional collections?  They were told that this is done so that they catch the eye of the observer and it enables you to compare the contrasting styles.   Overall this was an excellent way to conclude this half terms Art work.

IMG_2683.jpeg     IMG_2680.jpeg     IMG_2678.jpeg     IMG_2684.jpeg


January 2024

Dragon hunting

Year 2 have been reading The Dragon Machine, dragons have been hidden all around their classroom! They have very much enjoyed looking for dragons as well as using the text to write diary entries in past and present tense. 



Yew Tree Class enjoying a yoga session. They learned lots of stretches and poses and enjoyed the relaxing, calm atmosphere.



December 2023

EYFS & KS1 Nativity

This year the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One Nativity was ‘Children of the World’. This was a spectacular performance, with children sharing Christmas traditions from around the world, all to celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus. 



November 2023

Annual Frodsham Festival

Lantern Parade

As always, the children at St. Luke’s were very excited about taking part in the Annual Frodsham Festival. In preparation for this the children in Year Four took part in the Lantern Workshop. Smiles light up their faces as they parade through the streets with their lanterns. The children really enjoyed the experience.

Follow the Star

Year Five and Six travel on the float.  This year our theme was ‘Follow the Star’. Smiles on faces as they wish everyone a Happy Christmas.

The Choir Perform at the Frodsham Festival

St. Luke’s Choir take centre stage as they perform from their repertoire of contemporary Christmas songs.


IMG_2544.jpeg        IMG_2541.jpeg        IMG_2548.jpeg       


Sports Leaders

Our Sports Leaders had a great day, they were very proud of their achievements. They will wear their badges with pride.  

Sports leader.jpg


Lantern Workshop

Yew Tree Class took part in a lantern workshop for the Frodsham Christmas parade. The children had a wonderful time and the lanterns look amazing!

Lanterns.jpg          Lanterns 3.jpg          Lanterns 2.jpg


Choir Performance

St Luke’s Choir taking part in the St. Nicholas Music Festival on Wednesday evening. This was a wonderful event, showcasing amazing talent at St. Nicholas’.  



Remembrance Day

Thank you to the children that represented St Luke’s at The Remembrance Day Services at the weekend. 

RD1.png     RD2.png     RD3.png     RD4.png


Cheshire Poetry Buzz

A wonderful evening at Cheshire Poetry Buzz festival. Incredibly proud of the members of Yew Class who performed their poems on stage.

Poetry buzz 2.jpg     Poetry buzz.jpg     Poetry buzz 3.jpg


Community Wind Power

Representatives from Community Windpower visited Cypress Class to deliver an informative workshop all about renewable energy

Wind.jpg     Wind 2.jpg     Wind 3.jpg     


Woodland Trust

Yew Tree Class had amazing time in Frodhsam Woods helping to plant trees for Woodland Trust. They planted 250 trees!

Woodland Trust 2.jpg     Woodland Trust 3.jpg     Woodland Trust.jpg


5 A Side Football Competition

Well done to our wonderful team of footballers who braved the weather this afternoon to represent St Luke’s at the Y5/Y6 5-a-side football competition.

Five a side football.jpg


October 2023

Visit from Digital Wizards for Year 3,4,5 and 6 on Online Safety

Digital Footsteps, this was a really good idea because it made me understand that when we post lots of things online, people can trace it back.  You shouldn’t post personal information. (Sophia Year 5)

Digital Wizards presented this information in a fun and exciting way, which is really important as these are life lessons. (Stanley Year 6)

We really enjoyed the games we played. We did Breaking News, it showed us that we can’t always believe everything we read. (Jacob Year 3)

He shared lots of fun apps. (Iris Year 4)

Sometimes people send you links and if you don’t know who it is, it is best that you don’t click on it. (Sophia Year 5)

Overall, they said, we thought these sessions were brilliant, definitely 10/10 and if possible, we would give it 11/ 10.



Visit from PCSO Neil

Yesterday KS2 had a really informative assembly from our PCSO about keeping safe during Halloween and bonfire night.



Black History Month

The children were set a research project into Black history, they then presented this to the rest of their class. Some great work was produced!

Black History Month 3.jpg     Black History Month 2.jpg     Black History Month.jpg


Tag Rugby

Yew Tree Class had a great time at the Tag Rugby Tournament yesterday at Helsby Rugby Club. The children played lots of games against other schools and showed excellent sportsmanship!

Tag rugby.jpg     Tag rugby 2.jpg


Cafod Foodbank Donation

On Thursday morning members of our Cafod group took food donations they’ve collected to our local Sainsbury’s. Their donations were placed in the Foodbank box.  

Cafod foodbank donation.jpg


Poetry Workshop with Paul Delaney

We were very lucky to have a poetry workshop today with Paul Delaney. Year 4 loved writing and performing their poems.

Poetry.jpg     Poetry 2.jpg


World Space Week

As it is #WorldSpaceWeek, this week’s Cypress class reading sessions are all linked with space. Today, we read about Margaret Hamilton who was instrumental in supporting the moon landings in 1969

World space week.jpg


Frodsham Library Visits

Each class has been lucky to have a trip Frodsham Library during October.

Library.jpg     Library 2.JPG     Library 3.JPG


September 2023

European Day of Languages

On European Day of Languages, children were invited to dress in the colours that represent the country they were focusing on. Throughout the day the children took part in a range of activities, celebrating the language, culture and food of their chosen country. Lola from Yew Tree Class said “It was amazing, the food tasting was my favourite part. I loved the patatas bravas”.

European day 2.jpg     European day.jpg


Cafod Litter Pick

Caring for our local environment! The Cafod group have chosen to give up part of their lunch break to do a litter pick

Cafod litter pick.jpg

Junior Leader Elections

Well done to all those Year 6 children in Cypress Class who put themselves forward for Head Boy and Head Girl.

Junior leader.jpg


Year 5's first violin lessons

Year 5 really enjoyed their music lesson today After learning how to hold the instrument, they played their first song together

Violin 2.jpg     Violin 2.jpg


Visit from Life Education

As part of our Personal Development programme, all classes had a visit from Life Education. There was a variety of different topics covered across school, ranging from 'My Wonderful Body' in Year 1 to 'It's great to be me' in Year 4 to 'Decisions' in Year 6.


July 2023

Class 6's trip to Round Ponds

For their final trip with St Luke's, Class 6 visited Round Ponds for a day of team building and excitement. The sun was shining and the class were given a range of challenges to complete in their teams. The highlight for many was when the class got to test out their rafts on the pond at the end of the day. Throughout the day, everyone had lots of fun, there was lots of laughter and special memories were made.

F1bKp0WWwAE6Bno.jfif   F1bKp0aWYAAGUME.jfif   F1bKp0eWYAEVQuz.jfif   F1bKp0eXwAUthXf.jfif   F1bKvWoWIAAndXR.jfif


KS2 trip to Eureka!

To enhance their learning within Science, Key Stage 2 went on a school trip to Eureka! in Warrington. There were lots of exciting rooms and areas to explore with hands on experiences and investigations to complete. It was a great day for all. 

IMG_1521.JPG   IMG_1602.JPG   IMG_1510.JPG

IMG_1604.JPG   IMG_1625.JPG   IMG_1516.JPG



Key Stage 2 School Choir performance at AmaSing

After months of rehearsals, we were so excited to finally be able to perform alongside hundreds of other children at Chester Football Club. As always, the choir sang with confidence, enthusiasm and with huge smiles on their faces. It was a fantastic event to be part of and we enjoyed every single minute!

IMG_0579.JPG   IMG_0581.JPG   F0XJNyOaUAIroEN.jfif


Class 5 Perform with the Hallé Orchestra at Bridgewater Hall

After lots of hard work and practise throughout the year, Class 5 were invited to play alongside the Hallé Orchestra at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester in a very special concert. It was an incredible experience for the children to be part of and they performed exceptionally well - we are very proud of them. 

F0RbmR0WcAAttKZ.jfif   F0Rqk7BWcAE1DhF.jfif   F0SJjwxWIAIwHG0.png   F0SJv_dWYAM4C4m.png


EYFS and KS1 trip to Bewilderwood

EYFS and Key Stage 1 went on a very exciting trip to BeWILDerwood. After reading the special story before we left school, we were excited to see the land of the Boggles. We had a great time building dens, walking through the woods and listening to more stories about the Boggles. We even saw some fairy houses hidden in the woods! Despite the rain showers, we had a fantastic day! 

bw1.jpeg   bw3.jpeg   bw2.jpeg

D469E4DA-B89C-41CF-A6AD-669FE2AC6458.jpeg   52E0E6B6-1539-43DE-B193-E08793E66399.jpeg   0D93F709-787E-42F4-9F58-EF91CEB6D7EB.jpeg   4A99CFC1-B636-4761-B997-63AA7F72E60A.jpeg




June 2023

Summer Fayre at St Luke's

Organised by FoSL, our annual Summer Fayre was a great success! Cake stall, tombola, splat the rat and soak the teacher, there were so many stalls and activities for the whole family to enjoy, and it was wonderful to have so many people attend the event and support the school. Each class also prepared and performed a special song to provide the entertainment for the event. 

Fz5WIXHWYBU03W0.jfif   Fz5WIXGWYBErNxx.jfif   Fz5WIXGWYAogB9L.jfif


Class 6's residential to Culmington Manor

Class 6 had a great time on their residential to Culmington Manor. They completed lots of outdoor activities and enjoyed working together as a team to complete the different challenges given. 

cm1.jpg   cm2.jpg   cm3.jpg   FzJlqRFXoAAh456.jpg


Class 6 at the Northwich Crucial Crew Child Safety Event

Our Year 6 class went to Northwich Crucial Crew Child Safety event to participate in a very unique learning event all about keeping safe. They participated in workshops and activities to explore ways to keep safe in different situations. 

cc1.JPG   cc3.JPG   cc4.JPG


Key Stage 2 School Choir performance at the Royal Cheshire Show

After a successful application, our KS2 School Choir were invited to perform at the main stage at this year's Royal Cheshire Show. Although our day started with a (very!) heavy rain shower, it certainly didn't dampen the choir's spirits and their performance was amazing! It was lovely to hear so many wonderful comments from audience members and the children were a credit to the school throughout the day.

IMG_0437.JPG   IMG_0438.JPG   IMG_0439.JPG


Class 3 and 4 Bike Skills sessions with Sustrans

Year 3 and 4 were lucky to receive a bike skills session from Sustrans. Within the session, they developed their skills when rising a bike and listened carefully to advice on how to keep safe when riding a bike. It was a great day and, for some of the children, the first time that they had got on a bike. 

   IMG_0398.JPG   IMG_0395.JPG   IMG_0419.JPG




May 2023

Class 2's residential to Delamere

Class 2 had a great time on their first residential to Delamere. They built dens, went orienteering and enjoyed roasting marshmallows on a camp fire. Despite the drizzly weather, the class had an incredible time. 

IMG_0238.JPG   IMG_0287.JPG   IMG_0327.JPG


Let's Walk for Class 3 and Class 4

The children in Class 3 and 4 had a great time participating in the very important 'Let's Walk' workshop delivered by Frodsham's PSCOs. Within small groups, the children listened carefully to messages about how to keep safe when out and about. They then went on a walk out of the school grounds to talk about how to keep safe when walking to and from school and crossing roads. 

IMG_0129.JPG   IMG_0159.JPG   IMG_0224.JPG


First Holy Communion

Congratulations to our First Holy Communicants this year. After completing their preparations, the children completed their First Holy Communion in front of their family and friends. After their special day, we also celebrated as a school family and were very proud of them all for completing the next stage of the faith journey. 

fhc.JPG   FzSiQaWXwAM9nu2 (1).jfif   IMG_0088.JPG


King Charles' Coronation

To celebrate the historical event of the Coronation of King Charles, all classes throughout school enjoyed activities linked with this royal event. The children in EYFS decided to put their baking skills to the test and created their own afternoon tea completed with freshly baked scones and carefully cut finger sandwiches. Other classes completed different crafts and enjoyed learning about the different parts of the Coronation ceremony.

FvYXziIXgAIxdsG.jfif   FvNh3CNXwAAJuEo.jfif   FvYVfXNWwAAxBFJ.jfif   FvNh3E8WIAAuB7K.jfif




April 2023

Class 4's residential to Tattenhall

Class 4 thoroughly enjoyed their residential to Tattenhall. They participated in an afternoon of zip lining, low ropes and tree climbing as well as a special workshop with a local artist. As you can see by the photographs, they had a great time!

Fujqv5qXsAAY4uG.jfif   FulcJzHX0AA8V4V.jfif   FuoTYtyWAAAAde2.jfif



Easter is a very important time in the church's calendar and, during Holy Week, we focus on the important events that occurred during that week. Alongside learning about the messages and true meaning of Easter, we also spent time celebrating Easter with an Easter bonnet parade and Easter crafts. We were also very lucky to witness new life in real life with our chicks.  

e1.JPG   e2.JPG   e4.JPG

IMG_4834.JPG   IMG_4802.JPG   IMG_4837.JPG


Frodsham Fire Service visit EYFS

As part of our Knowledge and Understanding of the World learning, we explored the different people who help us in our community. A member of Frodsham Fire Service visited our classroom to discuss their job and they showed us all of the different equipment and uniform that they use. The children even got to try on the helmet. 

IMG_4754.JPG   IMG_4778.JPG   IMG_4766.JPG




March 2023

Hoops for Health

Year 5 and 6 enjoyed a basketball and healthy eating session with 3 professional basketball players from Cheshire Phoenix Basketball. They had workshops focusing on basketball skills and then discussed the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It was great to meet the basketball players. 

H1.JPG   IMG_0198.JPG   H3.JPG


British Science Week

To celebrate British Science Week, the whole school participated in different activities to work on developing scientific skills. Guest speakers were invited to discuss how they use science in their jobs and it was really inspiring for the children to hear. 

IMG_3932.JPG  sw1.JPG  IMG_3936.JPG

    sw2.JPG  IMG_3931.JPG  IMG_1311.JPG


Class 3's Residential to Barnstondale

Class 3 enjoyed their residential to Barnstondale. They were very active with wall-climbing, zip lining and woodland walks and particularly enjoyed roasting marshmallows on the fire. 

Screenshot 2023-08-14 131135.png   IMG_5319.JPG   FsdincRX0Ac6Udt.jpeg   FsdincRXwAAuJxF.jpeg


Class 6's Ancient Greek Day

To enhance their history topic based on Ancient Greece, Class 6 enjoyed their very own Ancient Greek Day. Dressed in their amazing costumes, the class participated in a Greek dancing workshop, created their very own crowns from paper vines and sampled some Greek food. 

g1.jpg   g2.jpg   g3.JPG


World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day this year, the children were asked to dress up as a word. There was a fantastic range of vocabulary throughout the school and lots of creative costumes. During the day, we enjoyed listening to the story of The Word Collector as well as reading and sharing our favourite books with our friends. 

IMG_3429.JPG      IMG_3475.JPG   IMG_4709.JPG   IMG_3430.JPG



February 2023

Chicks in EYFS

We had a very EGG-citing delivery in our EYFS classroom! Seven eggs were delivered in a special container that kept them warm. The next day, there were chicks! After they had hatched, the children helped to move them into their brooder box and thoroughly enjoyed watching them grow. Each day, we talked about what they needed to keep growing and took excellent care of them whilst they were staying with us. 

IMG_4674.JPG   IMG_4671.JPG   IMG_4673.JPG


Children's Mental Health Week

Throughout Children's Mental Health Week, all classes took some time to focus on well-being and reflect on what we can do to help us feel calm and relaxed. During Buddy Time, EYFS/ Year 1 enjoyed a walk with their buddies and talked about their week together. 

Fon6_yqXgAYDtiX.jfif   Fon50d3XsAA64Ql.jfif   Fon6_x1WAAA7N8x.jfif


Class 5 and 6 New Age Kurling

Year 5 and 6 enjoyed a session to learn a new sport from New Age Kurling. Although it was tricky at first, the children persevered and worked as a team to master the techniques taught and they thoroughly enjoyed the lesson. 

K1.JPG   K3.JPG   IMG_1104.JPG


National Storytelling Week

To celebrate National Storytelling Week, the whole school enjoyed a week of sharing different stories together. As an extra celebration, the children were invited to wear their PJs for the day. We also had a hot chocolate during our story time as a special treat - yum!

ns1.JPG   IMG_4571.JPG   ns3.JPG

IMG_4072.JPG   ns2.JPG   IMG_4552.JPG




January 2023

EYFS celebrate Chinese New Year

Our EYFS class thoroughly enjoyed learning all about Chinese New Year. The role play area transformed into a very successful Chinese restaurant with helpful staff and very happy customers. The children also enjoyed different challenges within the provision including a funky finger activity with pom poms and chopsticks. The highlight of the week was the Chinese banquet. The children enjoyed trying different foods and some of us even had a try at using chopsticks. 

IMG_4345.JPG   IMG_4358.JPG   IMG_4368.JPG  










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