The past influences all aspects of our lives and shapes the way in which we live today. At St Luke’s Catholic Primary School, we believe that history provides us with a sense of identity and gives us an insight into the diverse human experience. Through studying history, children develop a wide range of critical thinking skills.

Our curriculum enables children to study and explore the human past and develop a chronological understanding of the passing of time. The children also learn to distinguish between ‘fact’ and subjectivity. Most importantly, they foster an enjoyment for the subject and a desire to find out more.

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At St Luke’s, we take an enquiry-based approach to the teaching of history. Our planning is supported by the Collins Connected History scheme which is in keeping with our philosophy and provides a broad and balanced curriculum. There is a clear progression of skills as the children move through the school. The children build on knowledge acquired in previous year groups and develop an understanding of the chronology of events in British and world history. Each year group will study three different historical topics during the course of the academic year. These topics can be found in our long-term planning documents.

The children have the opportunity to take part in historical enrichment activities. These may include: trips to museums and places of historical significance; workshops with historical experts; themed days; and visits from those in our local community who can share their own experiences of life in the past.

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The children will leave St Luke’s Catholic Primary School with memorable experiences of studying history at primary school and a deeper understanding of the past. They will have a secured the knowledge and skills to be ready for studying history in the next stage of their education.

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History End Points

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