At St Luke’s Catholic Primary School, geography is a valued part of a rich curriculum. We aim to provide children with an appreciation and understanding of the changing world in which we live. Through the subject, the children will learn about the relationship between the Earth and its people. They will develop an understanding of the human and physical features of our locality and the world beyond our local environment.

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Our curriculum is designed to enable the children to know and understand more about the world and to become observant and curious about what they see. We take an enquiry-based approach to the teaching of geography and the children are encouraged to ask questions and think critically. Our planning is supported by the Collins Connected Geography scheme. Children develop geographical vocabulary, knowledge and skills and build on these as they progress through the school.

Each year group will take undertake some fieldwork to provide the children with first hand experiences of geography. This may take place in the local area or further afield.

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The children will leave St Luke’s with a deepened understanding of human and physical geography and a respect for the planet. In addition to equipping children with the skills and knowledge needed in the next stage of their education, children are encouraged to discover more about the world for themselves.

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