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Headteacher's Weekly Update , by Miss Murtagh

Date: 11th Oct 2019 @ 4:58pm

We had the launch of our vocabulary tree this week.  It has been designed to help us grow our own use of vocabulary, as well as having a clear understanding of the meanings of each word. During yesterday’s learning walk I was really impressed with the way pupils are eager to improve their choice of vocabulary.  My word of the week is asteroid (Greek-aster – star) (Greek – asteroeides – starlike). 

Congratulations also to our Junior Leadership team; who were presented with their badges at assembly today. I am looking forward to meeting you, along with our new school council next Friday morning after assembly. 

Class 4 is the most improved legendary line this week, well done to all for a great team effort, you have each earned an extra five house points.  Which class will lead on the legendary line next week?

I hope you all have a good weekend.

Best wishes

Miss Murtagh

Headteacher's weekly update, by Miss Murtagh

Date: 7th Oct 2019 @ 8:23am

Headteachers's Weekly update - Friday 4th October 2019

Thank you to everyone who participated in our ‘Brighten up our World’ non-uniform day, for Cafod’s Harvest Family Fast Day. Toni shared lots of important messages with us during Tuesday’s assembly. I don’t think I would like to walk miles every day before school, just to collect water.  Would you?  The money donated we will help to support children and their families who are less fortunate than us; making their world a brighter place too.

This week Class 5 are still taking the lead when it comes to legendary lining up, however, Class 4 are a close second.  Who will be the winner next week?

I hope you all have a good weekend.

Best wishes

Miss Murtagh


Year 1 Library Trip, by Mr Taylor

Date: 4th Oct 2019 @ 4:02pm

What an adventure we have had.  We went to explore Frodsham Library.  Jenny the librarian read us a few stories, Mr Taylor read us a poem for world poetry day and we got to use our library cards to take a book out.  Many thanks to Mrs Broome who helped this event run smoothly.

Headteacher's Update , by Miss Murtagh

Date: 27th Sep 2019 @ 12:14pm

This week, as part of focus on behaviour,  we have been working on ‘Legendary Lines’, taking the time to make sure our classes line up quickly and quietly and move sensibly around school.   This has improved as the week has gone on.  I have been particularly impressed with Class 5; they have been an excellent example to all.  Do you think your class could have a ‘Legendary Line’ next week?  I am ready to give out extra dojo’s and house points.

Have a good weekend.

Best wishes

Miss Murtagh

Daily Mile Track, by Mr Taylor

Date: 4th Sep 2019 @ 3:44pm

Daily Mile Astroturf Track

Following investment over the summer our pupils came back to this surprise!

KS1 really enjoyed running on this newly laid surface.

Headteacher's Weekly Update, by Miss Murtagh

Date: 3rd Sep 2019 @ 5:45pm

I hope you have all enjoyed your summer holidays.  The teachers have been in school the past few days, working hard to get your classrooms ready for tomorrow.  They like me they are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow and are excited to hear all about your holdiay experiences. 

Sleep well tonight ready for a prompt start to the new school year tomorrow.

Best wishes


Miss Murtagh

Headtecher's Weekly Update, by Miss Murtagh

Date: 23rd Jul 2019 @ 5:23pm

On behalf of all the staff at St. Luke's Catholic Primary School I would like to wish you and your family a very enjoyable summer break.

See you in September.

Best wishes


Miss Murtagh

Reception and Year 1 Trip to the Beach, by Mr Taylor

Date: 19th Jul 2019 @ 4:19pm

The rain didn’t stop us!

Reception and year 1 set of for their final trip of the year.  They went to explore New Brighton and discovered a pirate ship!

Some children even said that they saw Pirate Tom and Mr Grinling from The Light House Keepers Lunch.

The weather was against us but we spoke to the Lifeguards who told us about water safety, watched lots of ships sailing and even got to explore the fairy gardens in Vale Park.

Special thank you to the parents who braved the weather and came with us to make this trip a success.


Headteacher's Weekly update , by Miss Murtagh

Date: 19th Jul 2019 @ 10:44am


Congratulations to our year 6 pupils and to our Key Stage 2 Choir for the excellent performance of Robin Hood and the Sherwood Buddies  .  We were so proud out of each and every one of you. 

Our leavers mass on Thursday was a very special celebration of all their skills, talents and achievements.  Our Key Stage one pupils sang beautifully, thank you to Mrs Gonzalez who has been coming into school to lead hymn practices.

You will have noticed the new canopy in our mindfulness area.  Friend of St. Luke’s have bought this for us to make this area a place that you can sit quietly, talk to friends, read a book or do some colour and calm.  We hope you will look forward to using this area next term.

I hope you all have a very enjoyable weekend.

Best wishes


Miss Murtagh


Headteacher's Weekly Update, by Miss Murtagh

Date: 12th Jul 2019 @ 4:11pm

This week pupils and staff had the opportunity to say thank you to the many people who work tirelessly to support our school.  The year six pupils served afternoon tea. The younger pupils entertained with their singing.   We hope everyone enjoyed the afternoon. 

Many of our year, six pupils have been attending their new high schools this week. I know everyone is now beginning to think about the next  academic year and the new challenges that lie ahead.  A letter has been sent out today outlining the staffing arrangements for the next academic year.

I hope everyone has a very enjoyable weekend.

Best wishes


Miss Murtagh

Mini Athletics , by Mr Taylor

Date: 10th Jul 2019 @ 9:45am

What an event! We took all of Key Stage 1 and Reception class to Helsby High School.  We arrived on a double decker bus with 60 children who couldn’t wait to take part.  We did lots of athletics events and competed in teams.  Everyone had a good time. Our sports coordinator said that over 400 children took part.  Fortunately, it only rained on the way home!  Thank you to the parents that helped on this event.

Headteacher's weekly update, by Miss Murtagh

Date: 4th Jul 2019 @ 5:49pm

The last two weeks have be very busy, so I have rolled two weeks into one.  I had a great time last Tuesday afternoon, as I joined Mrs Grealis and Class 5 on their trip to the Bridgewater Hall to play with the Halle Orchestra. I am really proud of everyone's mastery of their chosen instrument.  What a way to celebrate this achievement!

On Friday, we had another spectacular Summer Fayre.  There was lots of fun in the sun. Each class used their singing talents to entertain the visitors, throughout the event.  A great time was had by all, young and old.  Thank you to FoSL and all the parents who worked so hard to make this a very special occasion. 

This week we have two sporting events to participate in.  The first is the annual district sports.  I am so pround of all who participated.  On Sunday some of you will be participating in the Peace Celebrations Centenary - Inter-School Sports. I am looking forward to being part of this special event.  I know many of you will be there with your families or will be joining in with other community groups.  I look forward to seeing you there!

Best wishes

Miss Murtagh

District Sports, by Mr Taylor

Date: 4th Jul 2019 @ 3:57pm

What amazing weather we had at this annual event.  It was great or our children to take part against 13 other schools.  We had individual and team events for KS2 pupils and the standards were very high.  It was great to see so many keen athletes from class 3, this being their first time at the event.  Thank you to the patents and all of the staff that came and made the biggest cheer for our school!

Fantastic event, fantastic atmosphere and fantastic team spirit shown.

headteacher's weekly update, by Miss Murtagh

Date: 21st Jun 2019 @ 5:44pm

Thank you everyone for making a special effort today with your donations for the Summer Fayre.  Just one week to go, I know I am really looking forward to it.

This week has been one of lots of activity.  I was so proud of the team spirit amongst everyone, it is all about the taking part. 

We all had a great time at the Royal Cheshire Show, a super choir, who gave an excellent performance.

I know many of the year 6 pupils are attending transition taster days in the next couple of weeks, I hope you are all enjoying finding out about your new schools and getting to meet new friends.

I hope you all have a good weekend.

Best wishes

Miss Murtagh

Tri Golf, by Mr Taylor

Date: 21st Jun 2019 @ 12:33pm

Congratulations to our golfers finishing 4th in this tournament.  This is without any golfing experience.  We are all very proud of you.  Special mentions to the parents who supported this event.  The children were made to feel very welcome by Helsby Golf Club – possible new members in the future!  

Intra Football, by Mr Taylor

Date: 20th Jun 2019 @ 4:27pm

Great teamwork shown in this mixed football competition.  Each house team was represented and played each other in a round robin tournament.  Lots of goals, saves and tackles taking place.

Sports Day, by Mr Taylor

Date: 20th Jun 2019 @ 4:05pm

Sports day

The weather held out!

Thank you to all the parents and athletes who made this such a special event.  It was great to see children from EYFS all the way up to year 6 taking part.  Special mentions to those children that helped with the scoring, marshalling and organisation of events.  Everyone represented their house TEAMS.  We took so many photographs – these will be projected at various places around the school so that everyone can see them 

Headteacher's Weekly Update, by Miss Murtagh

Date: 14th Jun 2019 @ 5:37pm

We had a wonderful day at St. Luke's today.  The children experienced a day of scientific investigation thanks to Doctor and Mrs Davies. There was a buzz of excitement at all of the stations, with everyone engaged.  I have heard really positive feedback and I am delighted everybody enjoyed developing their scientific knowledge.

I hope you all have a good weekend and that you are able to enjoy the sunshine.

Best wishes

Miss Murtagh

Headteacher's Weekly update , by Miss Murtagh

Date: 7th Jun 2019 @ 5:26pm

I am really delighted to see that so many of you were busy doing your active homework during the school holidays.  I really think this was a brilliant idea.  Hopefully we will be having more in the future.  It is so important that we look after our wellbeing ensuring we have healthy minds and bodies.

Thank you to everyone who brought dontations to school today for the Summer Fayre.  With a few weeks to go we will have the shopping trolley out each Friday to fill.

Today our Key Stage Two pupils went to visit 'The Danny', this was an oporutnity to be creative outside of the classroom.  I know you all really enjoyed it.  Thank you to Miss Mc Veigh for organising this trip and to all the parents and helpers for their support.

Next week we will be hosting a book fayre in the school hall everyday after school.  We invite you all to come along.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Best wishes

Miss Murtagh



Intra house team athletics, by Mr Taylor

Date: 7th Jun 2019 @ 10:23am

Intra House Team Athletics

Well done those who took part in our intra house team athletics. 

All of our house teams Matthew, Mark Luke and John were represented.  Great efforts in preparation for sports day.  It was good to see everyone encouraging their teammates.

Cricket, by Mr Taylor

Date: 7th Jun 2019 @ 10:13am

Great day of cricket with other our A Team and B Teams taking part.

Diamond Cricket Year 3 and Year 4, by Mr Taylor

Date: 2nd May 2019 @ 12:38pm

Amazing effort by our year 3 and 4 diamond cricket team.  Everyone enjoyed themselves despite the weather!  Each person has a go at batting, fielding, throwing and catching.  We played 6 games in total.  We even squeezed in a friendly game after the competition.  Everyone who took part has been invited to join Frodsham Cricket Club All Star programme.

Weekly Update, by Miss Murtagh

Date: 26th Apr 2019 @ 7:07pm

Weekly Update


I hope you all enjoyed a very happy Easter weekend, in the beautiful sunshine.   I would like to congratulate all the pupils who either helped organise or supported our Easter egg raffle, and guess the number of mini eggs.  I am delighted to let you know that we raised a total of £100.

Olivia and Lukas from Class Five – representative of the mini Vinnie’s have also been busy raising money.  They raised £75 by designing and making Bookmarks.  They provided a selection after mass on Palm Sunday and kindly requested a donation.  I am sure you will agree they did particularly well to raise such a large amount of money.

These are just two examples of the way the children at St. Luke's place the needs of others first.

On the sporting front, our Year Six pupils came third in Thursday’s volleyball competition, as always we are very proud of their achievements.  Well done to all who took part.

On Thursday afternoon, the Fire Service visited our Year Five Class.  They shared very important messages about what to do if you are involved in a fire.  Key words to remember were “STOP, DROP, and ROLL”.  Thank you to the Fire Service for taking the time to visit our school, we value their hard work support and advice.

I hope you have a good weekend.

Best wishes

Miss Murtagh

Volleyball Comp, by Mr Taylor

Date: 25th Apr 2019 @ 4:20pm

Massive congratulations to our 2 volleyball teams.  St Luke’s A and St Luke’s B.  Special mentions go to our A team who finished in 3rd place out of 16 teams.  Team B also did amazingly well especially those who tried volleyball for the first time.  Mrs Harrogate commented that is was clear to see the development from all players in both teams.  Great enthusiasm shown with opportunities for those who took part to join the local volleyball squad.  


Great to see so many girls keen to try out this event!

Weekly Update, by Miss Murtagh

Date: 23rd Apr 2019 @ 9:57am

Weekly Update


We have just returned from our two-week spring break, there was lots of excitement in the school playground on Monday with children catching up with their friends and sharing their holiday news. Our focus this week has been Holy Week.  This has included fund raising for Cafod, a whole school mass and Stations of the Cross.

Thank you to pupils in year six who spent their break times selling raffle tickets to win one of the three Easter eggs.  Also for completing the list of guess how many eggs in a jar.  Thank you to everyone who supported this by having a go, and congratulations to the winners.

The children read and sang beautifully at our mass on Wednesday.  Many positive comments were received from parents and grandparents about the excellent behaviour of the children and the meaningful way in which the participated in the mass.  Thank you to Father Kenny for leading this celebration.

Our week ended with the Stations of the Cross. Through a selection of readings and images, we remembered the journey Jesus took to his death on the cross. 

At the end of Thursday afternoon our class four returned from their residential, while they were away they worked on a beautiful mosaic of Jesus.  We will proudly display this in school for everyone to enjoy.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter.

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